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Third-party Software and Licensing Notices

Torrid iOS and Android applications (“Applications”) may include certain third-party technologies and open-source materials (collectively, "Third-Party Technology"). Your use of such Third-Party Technology is subject to the Torrid Website Terms of Use as well the terms and conditions set forth below. Some of the terms and conditions applicable to Third-Party Technology are accessible through links to third-party websites below. If you are unable to access the additional terms and conditions through the links below due to updates, technical issues with third-party websites or for any other reason, use of such Third-Party Technology shall remain subject to the license terms associated with the Third-Party Technology and you should use reasonable efforts to locate such terms and conditions applicable to use of the Third-Party Technology on the Internet:

IOS Application Licenses

SwiftLint License Copyright (c) 2020 Realm Inc.
SVProgressHUD License Copyright (c) 2011-2018 Sam Vermette, Tobias Tiemerding and contributors.
Kingfisher License Copyright (c) 2019 Wei Wang
ISVImageScrollView License Copyright (c) 2017
IQKeyboardManager License Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Iftekhar Qurashi
DTTextField License Copyright (c) 2020 Dhaval Thanki
Cosmos License Copyright (c) 2015 Evgenii Neumerzhitckii
EasyTipView License Copyright (c) 2015 Teodor Patraş
AlamofireImage License Copyright (c) 2015-2021 Alamofire Software Foundation
Alamofire License Copyright (c) 2014-2021 Alamofire Software Foundation

Android Application Licenses

glide License Copyright (c) 2012 Jake Wharton
barcodescanner License Copyright (c) 2014 Dushyanth Maguluru
android-database-sqlcipher License Copyright (c) 2010 Zetetic LLC
lottie-android License
PhotoView License
volley License