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What Is A Midi Dress?

“Midi” refers to a dress that is medium length, reaching from just below the knee to around mid-calf. These versatile dresses are perfect throughout the year and fit any occasion.

When Should I Wear A Midi Dress?

Midi dresses are arguably the most underrated style of dress thanks to their extreme versatility. They are also a fun outfit for just about any occasion. Wear them with sneakers for a casual feel, or with flats to give yourself a more toned-down brunch look. Find the right midi dress with an elegant design, and you can even pull off a more formal, fancy look.

What shoes do I wear with a midi dress?

The sky's the limit. If you’re shopping for one of our more casual midi dresses, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. Paired together, white sneakers and a fun midi dress scream “relaxed fashion.” Trying to dress up a bit more? Check out our entire heel collection for amazing deals on great-looking heels that will pair up amazingly with our plus size midi dresses.